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As a multinational asset manager working with the top niche of financial advisors in South Africa and the United Kingdom, IT is critical to the operations of PortfolioMetrix. “It’s part of our core proposition”, explains Head of Technology, Oscar Reitsma. “One of our differentiators is that we’re able to customise portfolios a lot more than your average asset manager and we leverage technology for that.”

Since PortfolioMetrix started in 2010, they’ve grown exponentially in both countries, and their aim is not only to continue their own growth and increase their asset base, but to facilitate growth in their clients’ and partners’ companies as well.

“We’ve got in-house software development capability where we’ve designed systems for our financial advisors that allow them to use our asset management process and also benefit from the tools that we can develop for them on their behalf. Even if it’s not directly related to our asset management process,” Oscar explains. To ensure that the teams’ full focus is dedicated to their clients, when it comes to IT support and infrastructure, PortfolioMetrix needs a partner that they can trust to take care of the day-to-day running of the business.
“We had a provider in place,” says Oscar, “but we didn’t feel like they would be able to assist us in the longer term.” Between unreliable response times and a lack of transparency in their processes, PortfolioMetrix was finding themselves spending more time than they would have liked in managing their partnership. ”We were looking for somebody that could also grow with us as a business.”

What Sets Solid Systems Apart?

PortfolioMetrix found Solid Systems the way that most businesses would. “It was part of a research methodology that we put together,” Oscar explains. “We browsed the web, did some Google and LinkedIn searches, that kind of thing, and identified three or four potential partners to interview.
“I like having processes in place, and I felt that Solid Systems were very structured in their approach. I think that was the overwhelming deciding factor. There are synergies in the way that we think, and they leverage their process to make things efficient.”

The Solid Systems Process


The foundation of your Solid experience. We introduce your teams to the systems and processes that we use, providing training and improving adoption throughout your business.


The best way to ensure that we are adding as much value to your business as possible is to form a plan for implementing technologies, and making the best use of those that you already have.


Once we start putting technologies and IT support in place for your business, you’ll start noticing the difference almost straight away, as you rest assured that your support is in great hands.

“The major thing was just training staff on how to engage with Solid,” Oscar continues. “And I didn’t even really need to formalise it, it happened quite naturally. When we when we did transition, I wanted to have a handle on all the issues that were being raised with Solid, so I could monitor how they were being approached and monitor their initial service levels. So most of it ran through me. But it was very easy to transition that away from myself, which is really good.”


Since moving to Solid Systems, PortfolioMetrix are able to:


“We now have a consistent process not only for South Africa but for our UK environment as well which is important to me,” Oscar explains. “We have a single point of contact, which we didn’t have previously. Everybody’s always aware where things are in the process. Which just takes that burden of stress off of, not only myself, but the individuals that work with us. When they’ve got an issue, they’re confident that it is going to get resolved and that somebody is dealing with it.”

But Oscar’s favourite aspect of working with Solid Systems? “I’ve really enjoyed the people. I always feel like it’s very easy for me to pick up the phone and call, whether it be from a technical level from a relationship level. Everybody I’ve dealt with in the organisation has been super helpful and they’ always go the extra mile.”

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