Meet our consulting team.

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to technology. We love seeing humans working smarter, not harder, and finding themselves more connected to the work that they do.

Our SOLID humans are waiting to learn about your business and explore where we can take you through enhanced technology.


Samantha loves seeing the ways that technologies are helping people do more with their time. She cannot wait to help your business adopt the solutions that are going to see you focusing your efforts on furthering your company and exceeding your goals.


Daniel has a love for people and an insatiable curiosity for everything tech. He believes in empowering humans to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, and sees Microsoft and AI as some of the innovative solutions that are going to help you do just that. 

Secure Your

Our holistic approach includes impersonation protection, Endpoint Detection and Response, and proactive Microsoft 365 security.

Your Business

Our strategic technology planning ensures that you are implementing technologies that will help you meet and exceed your goals.


Our onboarding, maintenance, and training will see your humans working efficiently and managing their time effectively.

Focus On

Build up a culture that sees you harnessing the power of technology, using it to grow, exceed your goals, and elevate human connection.

Book your consult with Daniel & Samantha.

Are you a company with more than 20 users?

Do you see technology as an enabler within your business?

Do you want a partner to advise & guide you with the help of exceptionally human support?

Then we cannot wait to meet with you! Book a 30 minute consult with Daniel or Samantha where we can:
  • Learn more about you and your business
  • Learn about your technology pains and challenges
  • Determine if we’re a good culture fit 
  • Establish if and where we can add the most value in your business

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