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The way that we work has changed. Gone are the days of being restricted to a clunky desktop at a small desk in an office. The adoption of remote working allows for your staff to operate from wherever they are in the world, on whatever device they have at hand. This allows your workforce to work in the most productive way for them, whether it’s at home, in a coffee shop, or on the road; and whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Their environment becomes flexible, and their technology needs to be just as dynamic. 

Microsoft knows that technology needs to move forward with you, which is why they’ve developed versatile and dynamic devices that can adapt to your environment and your way of working.  

Introducing Microsoft Surface – the latest innovation in technology that lets you work the way that you need to.

What is the Microsoft Surface range of devices?

The Microsoft Surface range is specifically design for businesses who are looking to embrace remote working. The devices are versatile, portable and powerful, coming equipped with all the Microsoft apps that your teams need to work efficiently and collaboratively.

Versatile – Help your staff to work the way that best suits their needs with laptops and 2-in-1 devices that allow for connectivity, wherever they might find themselves.

Portable – The light weight of every MS Surface device makes them ideal for being used on the move.

Powerful – Whether you choose to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro, Go or Laptop, you know that you are getting a device that will provide all-day battery power, include high quality communication components, and make use of a powerful processor and high performance chip sets

Benefits of using a Microsoft Surface Device

When you use Microsoft Surface for business, you gain an optimised, scalable, and inherently secure solution which enhances your workforce in more ways than one.

“Empowering people to be more agile, connected, productive, and secure, no matter where they work”

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Be more agile

Transforming seamlessly from laptop to tablet, Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface devices provide the versatility that your staff need to work in the way that makes them most productive.

Be more connected

Designed to keep your teams online wherever they may be, Microsoft Surface devices are equipped with mobile connectivity as well as wireless network and ethernet support.

Be more productive

Multi-touch screens and all-day battery life, along with software to match it across the Microsoft range, including the 365 suite, mean that you can boost productivity across your team.

Be more secure

Every Surface device comes pre-configured with security software that makes both secure, and easy to deploy, manage and repair without an IT technician being needed on site.

Collaborate more

Crystal-clear audio and video features make meetings a pleasure, while Microsoft apps, including Whiteboard and Surface Hub, mean that collaboration becomes easy and efficient. 

Which Surface devices are available in South Africa?

Whether you want to invest in laptops for your workforce, or versatile devices that can switch between a laptop and a tablet, there is an MS Surface device that will suit your needs. There are a wide range of Surface devices available in South Africa, each with powerful capabilities that scale according to the functionality that your business requires.

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Surface Laptop 5

The Surface Laptop 5 is designed for productivity and multi-tasking. With up to 17 hours of battery life, fast charging, industry-leading typing comfort and the choice of either a 13.5” or 15” display, together with the choice between a powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, these devices have everything that your team might need to work efficiently and collaborate remotely. They’re perfect for a remote workforce who have a stable environment to work from.

Surface Laptop Go 3

The lightest, smallest and ultraportable Surface Laptop Go 3 lets your teams run the essential apps that they need, quicker. Not only is it lightweight, but it also lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, and includes Fast Charging to make it the ideal device for those on the go who want to get more done, without being tied down to a desk. Plus, industry-leading security features like a Fingerprint Power Button, ensure your humans are protected against threats.

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Grab a Surface Pro 8

Looking for a great deal? Get your Surface Pro 8 at a special rate while stocks last!

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Surface Pro 9

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 is all about giving you the versatility that you need from your devices. Switching effortlessly between laptop and tablet mode, with 5G connectivity and advanced AI features, as well as an immersive touchscreen that allows for natural feedback with the Surface Slim Pen 2, means that this Surface solution is built to handle everything you do, no matter where you find yourself needing to work.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The most powerful Surface device yet, the Laptop Studio 2 transitions from laptop, to display screen, to creative canvas seamlessly. Expect double the power compared to other Surface devices, and the best in AI-powered tools, from predictive text suggestions in your M365 apps, to generative AI being integrated directly into your Microsoft Edge. All of this will see productivity and collaboration skyrocketing throughout your business.

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Surface Hub 3

Modern work spaces have modern technology needs, and Microsoft Surface Hub 3 is here to help you meet them. It’s the ideal, multi-functional tool for collaboration in a hybrid office environment. This 85″ or 50″ interactive whiteboard is perfect for conducting both in-office and virtual meetings, both thanks to its 4K camera and far-field mic array, and the ability to natively run Microsoft and 3rd party apps with the touch of a hand. Its mobility allows you to transform any space into a work-centric environment.

A Microsoft Partner You Can Rely On


As a Microsoft Certified organisation, we are perfectly placed to help with managing your Microsoft 365, procuring your Microsoft Surface devices, and so much more. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Since 2003, Solid Systems have specialised in delivering leading technology solutions and offering guidance to organisations in South Africa and abroad, in the most human way possible.

We love technology and the exciting ways that it evolves, and are constantly improving the tools that we use. But humans are at the heart of our business. That’s why we value each relationship and prioritise a personal approach, finding solutions that deliver results for your company in the best way possible.

With our highly skilled and passionate professionals behind us, and the latest and most sophisticated tools at their disposal, we ensure that the businesses we work with are constantly evolving, and can step into the future with confidence.

    Frequently asked questions

    What type of Micrososft License comes with a Surface device?

    Different suppliers are able to provide different Windows license types. For example, when you buy a Surface device from Solid Systems it comes with Windows 11 Pro, giving you access to advanced security features to protect your business data and your users. When you buy from retailers, on the other hand, they are only able to sell the Surface devices with Windows Home licenses.

    What does the cost of a Surface device from Solid Systems include?

    When you purchase a Microsoft Surface device from Solid Systems, you are getting a device preinstalled with a Windows 11 Pro license. Our quotations also include options for direct delivery, and device onboarding which can see your users set up for success and ready to start working as soon as their Surface device arrives.

    Where can I buy Microsoft Surface devices for business in South Africa?

    There are very few companies in South Africa that are licensed to resell Microsoft Surface devices, and even fewer who are able to sell them with Windows 11 Pro licenses. When you buy a Surface laptop or device from a retailer store, they are only able to sell them with Windows 11 Home licenses. And if you need to use your Microsoft Surface device for work, most companies will insist on a Pro licenses for the added security features that it includes.

    Solid Systems is one of a select number of resellers of Microsoft Surface in South Africa.

    Why do you need a Windows 11 Pro license for Surface device?

    Windows 11 Pro licenses include a number of security features aimed at business users in particular, which aren’t available under a Home license. These include:

    • Group Policy Management
    • Remote Desktop Access
    • Bitlocker Encryption
    • Windows Sandbox
    • Hyper-V
    • Trusted Boot

    In addition to these features, tools like our SOLID Guardian which help us to proactively monitor, manage and maintain your infrastructure are only compatible with Windows Pro licenses.

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