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    Solid Systems: Preferred IT Company In Cape Town, South Africa

    Proudly South African companies need the kind of IT support that they can be proud of.

    Over the years, Solid Systems may have gone global with our exceptionally human Managed IT services, but Cape Town is our home and our heart. It’s where we got our start all the way back in 2003, and it’s where our home base will always be.

    As an IT company in Cape Town, we have a deep understanding of how Cape Town businesses operate, their needs, and how the right technology can see them not only reaching their goals, but exceeding them. With the help of reliable and human IT support, Managed IT services, Cloud solutions and Microsoft’s Modern Workplace, we want to see your company stepping into the future with confidence.

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    What Makes Us A Marketing Leading IT Company In Cape Town

    Trust is earned. And over the past two decades, we have earned the trust of companies in Cape Town by working with them to understand their needs and goals, and formulating strategic technology plans that see them making more money and exceeding their own expectations.

    Being an IT company in Cape Town, we’ve spent more than 20 years growing our own business and those of our clients. We face the challenges that being a South African company poses head-on, and help businesses to find the right technologies to suit their unique needs. Whether it be cloud services that aid in remote and hybrid working environments, email and cyber security training to ensure that teams know how to keep their company protected, or managed IT services that offer businesses the consulting, strategy and the IT support that they need to succeed, we have the experience to guide your company into the future.

    But don’t just take our word for it. 

    What Our Customers Say

    Why Choose Us?

    What sets us apart as an IT company in Cape Town is that we are focused on the human side of our business and yours. We like to say that we’re human, not robots. But what does that mean?

    It means that we do more than just fixing issues. We work with you to understand your business inside and out, so that the solutions that we provide are doing more than just maintaining the status quo, but have a real impact on your ROI and on your teams. We wan to see you not just succeeding, but thriving. Which is why we try to ensure that every cent you spend with us has a measurable business outcome, and that you’re getting maximum ROI for every solution we put in place.

    Our role doesn’t end with implementation – we add value every step of the way through IT consulting, training, adoption and so much more.

    Key Benefits Of Working With An IT Company in Cape Town Like Solid Systems

    strategic plan

    Strategically Planning For The Future

    Modern Workplace

    Modernising Your Workplace

    Productivity & Efficiency

    Focusing On Productivity & Efficiency

    Risk Mitigation and Peace of Mind

    Risk Mitigation & Peace Of Mind


    Prioritising Your Core Business

    return on investment

    Minimising Expenses & Maximising ROI

    What services does Solid Systems offer?

    Whether your company is looking for an outsourced IT department, or a full and experienced Technical Team to manage your IT projects and help you to strategically plan for the future, our Managed IT services are the right solution for businesses looking to advance their technology.

    Don’t get caught off-guard by disaster. Whether it’s systems going down due to a natural disaster, loadshedding, or a cyberattack, make sure that your company is prepared for the worst-case scenario. Minimise downtime and mitigate risk by putting a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

    No matter where in the world your teams may find themselves, make sure that they have the resources that they need to work effectively and productively thanks to Cloud Solutions. From Cloud Migration, to Cloud Storage, Cloud PBX, Cloud Backup and beyond, Solid Systems has your company covered.

    Email and cyber threats constantly on the rise, and are more sophisticated than ever. Make sure that your business is prepared to face cyberthreats head-on with Advanced Threat Protection, IT security and email security solutions and training, Multi-Factor Authentication and so much more.

    Microsoft is about so much more than Word, Excel and Windows. From Microsoft Azure, to Microsoft Defender for Office 365, to SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft 365, as a Microsoft Partner, we’ve got everything you need to adopt and embrace modern work environments.

    Bringing on new hires, new devices and new technologies is no simple task. Which is why we’ve put together simplified IT Onboarding solutions to increase adoption, ensure optimal productivity and efficiency, and set your business and your humans up for success in every possible way.

    Microsoft Hyper-Focused

    We are more than just a Microsoft Gold Partner. Each of our IT Pros are Microsoft specialists, with certifications that span the range of Microsoft cloud and productivity platforms.
    This makes us the ideal partner for businesses that are ready to adopt Microsoft services, or already have Microsoft solutions in place. We ensure that you are putting your Microsoft tools to their best possible use and optimising efficiency through Microsoft services throughout your company – from Microsoft 365, to Azure, to Surface Devices and beyond.

    We Are Your IT Team, Not Your IT Guy

    When you work with Solid Systems, you have a full IT team behind you. Even when you have a single point of contact, or a favourite IT Pro to turn to, you can trust that behind the scenes, you’ve got the full force of the Solid Systems humans ensuring that your business is taken care of. These humans include:

    • A Triage Human who analyses every ticket the comes our way to understand the impact & priorities for your business.
    • A Dispatcher who makes sure that tickets are handled by the right IT Pro, first time, every time.
    • A Primary IT Pro who knows your business like the back of their hand, and is the face you’ll become most familiar with.
    • A Secondary IT Pro who is the smiling face behind most of the calls & emails that come your way.
    • A Sales Executive who quotes you on the right services & hardware at the right time, to get you what you need when you need it.
    • A Service Delivery Manager who makes sure that our customer service is human, on point & first class.
    • An Account Manager who is your dedicated problem-solver, making sure your questions & queries are taken care of right away, in the right way.
    • A vCIO who understands your business goals & make sure that every technology you have in place is having a real impact on your bottom line.

    Are you ready to see the impact that Solid Systems can have on your business?

    Let Our Pros Enhance Your Business


    At Solid Systems, our goal is enabling humans to live their best possible lives. This is the case for our humans, and for yours.  

    We know that the right technology solutions can see businesses increasing productivity, improving efficiency, and ultimately making more money. For the past two decades, we have worked with companies in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and internationally to find, implement, and maintain technologies that meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and see them growing from strength to strength. 

    But what truly sets us apart is our exceptionally human approach to Managed IT Services. Our highly skilled and passionate IT professionals set the bar for exceptionally human IT support, focussing on long-term solutions for your business, while our VCIOs work with you to create strategic technology plans that will see your IT growing with your company. 

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      Frequently asked questions

      What are the different services offered by IT companies in Cape Town?

      Most IT companies in Cape Town are focused on offering IT support. And don’t get us wrong, our exceptionally human, professional and reliable IT support is one of the reasons our customers love us! But it’s not where the real value lies. We believe in more than just troubleshooting issues and implementing break-fixes. We focus on strategic technology planning, ensuring that the solutions you implement meet your needs and grow your business. We want to see our Managed IT services delivering measurable outcomes for your company, allowing you to focus on the areas of your business that matter most. Exceptional IT support is just the cherry on top!

      What makes Solid Systems different from other IT companies in Cape Town?

      There are plenty of areas that set us apart from other IT companies in Cape Town, but two of the biggest ones are our focus on strategic planning, and our company culture. When we say we’re human not robots, it’s more than just lip-service. We love to see our humans thriving, because it makes a real difference to their lives, and to yours. When you call us, email us, or walk into our Cape Town office, you know that you’re not just dealing with a faceless, uninterested lacky. You are dealing with experienced, knowledgeable humans who care about your business and want to see you succeed.

      What is the purpose of outsourcing IT services?

      One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your IT to an IT company in Cape Town like Solid Systems is the freedom and time it gives you to focus on your core business. Every minute that you spend worrying about your technology is a minute wasted, when you could place the risk and responsibility in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable team of IT professionals. Make the most of your time and focus on the core areas that will see your business grow. Leave the IT to us.

      What does your onboarding process look like?

      Every new company that joins Solid Systems and makes use of our Managed IT Services goes through the same three-step process.

      It starts with onboarding – the foundation of your Solid experience. We introduce your teams to our systems and processes through training, which improves the adoption of our services throughout your business.

      From there, we move on to developing a strategic technology plan. This is the best way of making sure that we add value in every possible way through the technologies that we implement. We also ensure that your existing tech is being put to its best possible use.

      Once you start taking advantage of the technologies and IT support that we offer, that’s where you’ll see the difference – in productivity, in efficiency, in ROI, and in the peace of mind that your IT is in great hands.

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