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    Solid Systems: A Productivity-Focused IT Company In Centurion

    In today’s fast-paced world, you can have twenty different tasks requiring your attention, all at the same time. Multi-tasking has become the norm, making productivity and efficiency both more important than ever before, and also harder to achieve. Making sure that the humans in your business have the access to the information, tools and resources that they need to work as productively as possible is critical, but you also need to balance access with cybersecurity risks. You want your technology to be on-the-ball, waiting for human input, but most of the time the humans in your business spend their time waiting for programs to open or system processes to run. You need an IT company in Centurion who is going to offer you and the people behind your business the IT solutions and human IT support that are going to boost productivity and enhance efficiency. And Solid Systems is the technology partner that you’ve been searching for.

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    What Makes Solid Systems A World-Class IT Company In Centurion?


    With the rate at which technology evolves, it’s not enough to find an IT company in Centurion who can only accommodate your existing solutions. You need to make sure that you’re planning for the future, ensuring both business continuity and continued productivity as your needs evolve.


    The way we work is changing. Whether your teams are in-office, remote, or operating in a hybrid work environment, you need to make sure that they have the tools that they need to work effectively – from being able to access data, to staying online throughout loadshedding, to having devices that work as quickly as they do.


    You want to work with a technology partner who is more than just a one-man show, troubleshooting issues as they come up. When we work with Solid Systems as your IT company in Centurion, we are your IT team, not your IT guy. Our certified and experienced IT Pros have got your back with proactive support.


    Unlike many other IT companies in Centurion, we don’t believe in waiting for things to go wrong. We take a proactive approach which ensures that your systems are running as effectively as possible at all times, and helps your humans to work as productively as possible with reliable technology behind them.

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    What Solutions Does Solid Systems Offer For IT Support In Centurion?

    With Solid Systems as your technology partner and taking care of your IT outsourcing needs, you and your teams will have more time to spend on your core focus – growing your business and exceeding your goals.

    Bringing on new hires, new devices and new technologies is no simple task. Our simplified IT Onboarding solutions to increase adoption, ensure optimal productivity, and set your business up for success in every possible way.

    To us, IT support in Centurion is about more than just maintenance and troubleshooting. We go out of our way to provide the kind of advice and valuable solutions that will boost productivity and efficiency throughout your business.

    With cutting edge technology, Microsoft Surface devices are changing the way that people work and helping businesses to adapt to the modern workplace. Solid Systems is one of a select few Microsoft Surface providers in South Africa.

    From Microsoft Azure to Microsoft 365, from Surface devices to Defender for Office 365, we’ve got all of your Microsoft needs to be covered to help you make productivity a priority.

    Our proactive approach to technology management sees us ensuring that your devices are working as well as your humans are, and issues are being addressed before, rather than after, they cause business to grind to a halt.

    A Productivity-Focused IT Company In Centurion



    At Solid Systems, our goal is enabling humans to live their best possible lives. This is the case for our humans, and for yours.

    We know that the right technology solutions can see businesses increasing productivity, improving efficiency, and ultimately making more money. For the past two decades, we have worked with companies in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and internationally to find, implement, and maintain technologies that meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and see them growing from strength to strength.

    But what truly sets us apart is our exceptionally human approach to Managed IT Services. Our highly skilled and passionate IT professionals set the bar for exceptionally human IT support, focussing on long-term solutions for your business, while our VCIOs work with you to create strategic technology plans that will see your IT growing with your company.

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      Frequently asked questions

      What sets Solid Systems apart from other IT companies in Centurion?

      Most IT companies in Centurion are focused on troubleshooting problems as they come up and finding quick-fixes, even if it means having to solve the same problem time and time again. As a proactive IT company in Centurion, Solid Systems is more focused on advancing your business, finding meaningful solutions that are going to help your business to grow and your humans to thrive. And when problems do crop up (because, let’s face it, they always do), our experienced IT Pros will work to find the root cause of the issues, ensuring that they are resolved once and for all.

      How can IT Services help my business?

      Working with experienced IT professionals can see your humans saving time, getting the IT support in Centurion that they need to work productively and efficiently, and focusing their efforts on your core business rather than spending it troubleshooting or waiting for their technologies to work the way that they’re designed to. When you work with a technology partner like Solid Systems, you will find your technologies working for you, and helping you to grow your business and exceed your goals.

      Do you offer on-site IT support in Centurion?

      As an IT company in Centurion, we offer both unlimited remote IT support and recurring onsite focus sessions to support the humans behind your business and help them to adopt technologies in ways that will enhance their productivity.

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